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Speech Therapy


At Adaptive Choice, our Speech and Language Therapy offers expert solutions to help children enhance their communication abilities. Our skilled and dedicated team of speech-language pathologists are equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies for assisting with a vast range of speech and language needs, from articulation to auditory processing. We emphasize a personalized approach, ensuring every child’s unique requirements are met with precision and care.

Why Us

All our services ensure unparalleled dedication and expertise that promises sustainable and healthy results. Our team's energetic and innovative therapists put your child's individual needs at the forefront, employing evidence-based techniques tailored to each unique situation. With a holistic approach that includes comprehensive assessments, we craft individualized intervention plans that target specific communication challenges. Beyond technical prowess, our team's unwavering commitment to unlocking the potential of every child positions us as leaders in disability care service in Dubai. Partner with us to take your child through a transformative journey that empowers effective and confident communication..

The process

Unlocking Each Child's Potential


/ Initial Consultation

We begin with a consultation between parents and a specialist to discuss history, condition, concerns, expectations, and any other preferences.


/ Comprehensive Assessment

Next, we evaluate the learner using tools like VB-MAPP and ABLLS, assessing behaviors and preferences to identify areas of improvement and strengths.


/ Individualized Treatment Plan

Following the results of the assessment, we then create a personalized treatment plan addressing parental concerns. The parents will also set goals and review results with ongoing progress evaluations.


/ Evaluation

Learner progress is analyzed through data and graphics to measure intervention efficacy and monitor ongoing development. Evaluations occur biannually.


Discover frequently asked questions about our specialized speech and language therapy services. Discover the approach, benefits, and unique value we provide for children of determination.

Speech and Language Therapy at Adaptive Choice focuses on evaluating and treating communication disorders. Our expert speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with individuals, especially children, facing challenges in speech, language, voice, fluency, and swallowing. Through targeted interventions, we aim to improve communication skills, allowing every child to confidently express themselves and navigate their common world.

Children might need therapy due to various reasons like hearing impairments, developmental delays, cleft lip, autism, articulation problems, or respiratory issues. At Adaptive Choice, we follow an evidence-based, client-centered approach. Our skilled pathologists assess each child's unique needs and create personalized intervention plans to address their specific communication challenges.

We commence with a comprehensive assessment evaluating the child's communication skills, including speech production, language understanding, voice quality, and fluency. This helps us recognize their strengths and areas needing improvement. Based on the results, our speech-language pathologists then design tailored intervention plans, targeting specific communication goals and areas.

Speech therapy at Adaptive Choice offers numerous advantages. It fosters increased independence, improves comprehension and expression capabilities, prepares children for school, enhances vocal quality, and bolsters early language skills. Additionally, it aids in better swallowing function and elevates the overall quality of life, ensuring every child feels confident in their communication abilities.

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Questions or thoughts? Reach out to Adaptive Choice. We're here to help, listen, and guide you every step of the way.

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