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Child Counseling


At Adaptive Choice, we are deeply committed to facilitating the emotional and mental development of children through Child Counseling. Our dedicated team emphasizes helping children articulate and comprehend their emotions in a supportive environment. Utilizing proven strategies, we assist in enhancing emotional management, self-awareness, and interpersonal interactions. Each child entrusted to our care is provided with a tailored plan backed by tested methods and a team of compassionate professionals.

Why Us

Selecting Adaptive Choice for child counseling guarantees sustainable improvements through tailored approaches. Our team is devoted to deeply comprehending your child's individual challenges before devising a tailored strategy. We employ proven techniques to address issues such as emotional distress, behavioral difficulties, and developmental concerns. Beyond just guidance, we aim to empower real-world resilience and self-awareness. Our child counseling concentrates on enhancing daily well-being, communication abilities, and emotional intelligence. Join us as your trusted partner in your child’s transformative journey towards a happier and more self-assured future.

The process

Unlocking Each Child's Potential


/ Initial Consultation

We begin with a consultation between parents and a specialist to discuss history, condition, concerns, expectations, and any other preferences.


/ Comprehensive Assessment

Next, we evaluate the learner using tools like VB-MAPP and ABLLS, assessing behaviors and preferences to identify areas of improvement and strengths.


/ Individualized Treatment Plan

Following the results of the assessment, we then create a personalized treatment plan addressing parental concerns. The parents will also set goals and review results with ongoing progress evaluations.


/ Evaluation

Learner progress is analyzed through data and graphics to measure intervention efficacy and monitor ongoing development. Evaluations occur biannually.


Get answers to common questions about Adaptive Choice's Child Counselling. Learn about our methods, the benefits, and the support we give to children in need.

Here at Adaptive Choice, we use a holistic strategy when counseling children. All of our therapy methods are tried and true, and they were developed with children in mind. Play therapy, in which kids may talk via games and other toys, is one example; cognitive-behavioral therapy helps kids identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns, and art therapy gives them a way to express themselves creatively. These strategies are aimed at helping kids feel safe, heard, and in control of their emotions.

The number of sessions that a child needs is extremely a factor. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution, but weekly sessions are what we suggest most often to maintain a steady stream of support. It's possible that some kids may do better with weekly or even monthly sessions, while others could need them more often. The well-being of the kid is our first priority thus, we strive to provide aid in the best way possible. The optimum timetable is determined with the input of parents and guardians.

Absolutely. Each and every one of our child counselors in Dubai is fully licensed and has extensive expertise with kids. We put a premium on finding and employing experts in child psychology. In addition, our therapists take part in regular training courses. This guarantees that they are constantly using the most up-to-date methods, giving each kid they deal with the best possible care and comprehension.

Children may gain a great deal from counseling. It provides a safe place where they may talk about their problems without fear of consequences. Children's self-confidence and language abilities may both benefit from a deeper understanding of their emotions. In addition, they learn to solve problems in practical ways. Children who get regular therapy are better prepared to deal with life's difficulties, develop healthier connections with their classmates and adults, and cultivate an overall more optimistic perspective.

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Questions or thoughts? Reach out to Adaptive Choice. We're here to help, listen, and guide you every step of the way.

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