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ABA Therapy


At Adaptive Choice, we're passionate about making positive changes in children through an effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program. Our experienced team focuses on improved communication and adaptive learning. Using positive reinforcement, we strive to enhance learning, communication, and social experiences based on individual needs. All our clients get a tailored program with genuine care and dedication in a family environment that feels like home.

Why Us

Choosing Adaptive Choice for ABA Therapy and ABA Programs assures sustainable results through personalized methods. Our team is dedicated to thoroughly understanding your child's unique needs before coming up with a pathway. Our program is grounded in evidence-based practices, ensuring that every therapy and technique we offer is proven effective. Not only is our program tailored for children of determination, but we've also meticulously crafted specific modules for parents based on the latest research and best practices. By joining us, you're choosing a trusted partner committed to a transformative journey toward a brighter and more independent future for your loved ones.

The process

Unlocking Each Child's Potential


/ Initial Consultation

We begin with a consultation between parents and a specialist to discuss history, condition, concerns, expectations, and any other preferences.


/ Comprehensive Assessment

Next, we evaluate the learner using tools like VB-MAPP and ABLLS, assessing behaviors and preferences to identify areas of improvement and strengths.


/ Individualized Treatment Plan

Following the results of the assessment, we then create a personalized treatment plan addressing parental concerns. The parents will also set goals and review results with ongoing progress evaluations.


/ Evaluation

Learner progress is analyzed through data and graphics to measure intervention efficacy and monitor ongoing development. Evaluations occur biannually.


Discover frequently asked questions about Adaptive Choice's ABA Therapy and Programs. Dive into our exclusive methods, the benefits, and the unique support we offer to children of determination.

There are multiple reasons why children might seek ABA Therapy. Some children may have Autism, and others might face learning difficulties, ADHD, or other behavioral and learning challenges. At Adaptive Choice, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our dedicated therapists understand that every child is unique. By recognizing each child's individual needs, we create tailored plans that address their particular challenges, ensuring they get the help they truly need.

Our ABA Program is effective for individuals who deal with behavioral issues. This program is incredibly beneficial for folks with conditions like autism or other developmental disorders. At its core, the program seeks to enhance various aspects of an individual's life, like improving communication, boosting social interactions, and equipping them with essential life skills that can make daily activities more manageable.

Yes, the ABA program is firmly rooted in scientific research and evidence. Over the years, it has been extensively studied and has consistently shown promising results. It's appreciated and recognized worldwide for its proven ability to drive positive behavior changes and help individuals acquire new skills. Especially for those with developmental issues, it has been helpful in many cases.

Our assessment process starts with a detailed observation of the child’s behaviors. This helps us identify what triggers certain behaviors and their existing strengths. We also prioritize open communication with caregivers, believing they offer invaluable insights about the child. After gathering all the essential details, our proficient ABA therapists assess the information. From this deep understanding, they craft a plan catered to the child's unique requirements and potential growth areas. Our goal is to ensure every child feels truly understood and supported with sustainable progress. 

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Questions or thoughts? Reach out to Adaptive Choice. We're here to help, listen, and guide you every step of the way.

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