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Diagnostic Assessments


At Adaptive Choice, we are all about understanding and helping children learn and progress through Diagnostic Assessments. We take the time to get to know every child and learn where they excel and where they may need some additional help. We use child-friendly techniques to guarantee that children get valuable feedback on their progress and where they currently stand. Our goal is to guide every child of determination to face the real world beyond their disabilities.

Why Us

Choosing Adaptive Choice for your child's diagnostic assessments ensures accurate, reliable, and comprehensive results. We utilize tried and tested techniques to identify deficiencies in your child's learning, attention, and regulation of emotions so that we can better serve them. Our main goal is to help you and your child get the right support to succeed with evidence-based techniques that are sustainable. We give you a clear picture of your child's strengths and challenges and propose appropriate strategies to help them be more confident and independent in life.

The process

Unlocking Each Child's Potential


/ Initial Consultation

We begin with a consultation between parents and a specialist to discuss history, condition, concerns, expectations, and any other preferences.


/ Comprehensive Assessment

Next, we evaluate the learner using tools like VB-MAPP and ABLLS, assessing behaviors and preferences to identify areas of improvement and strengths.


/ Individualized Treatment Plan

Following the results of the assessment, we then create a personalized treatment plan addressing parental concerns. The parents will also set goals and review results with ongoing progress evaluations.


/ Evaluation

Learner progress is analyzed through data and graphics to measure intervention efficacy and monitor ongoing development. Evaluations occur biannually.


Get to know your child better through Adaptive Choice's Diagnostic Assessments. Find out what makes us different and how we make a meaningful impact through our programs.

A Child Diagnostic Assessment, in simple terms, is a deep dive into understanding a child's mind and behaviors. At Adaptive Choice, we have dedicated experts who methodically evaluate children. They not only identify areas where the child excels but also zones where they might face difficulties. By spotting both strengths and potential challenges in learning or day-to-day behaviors, this assessment becomes invaluable. Especially in a diverse environment like Dubai, it equips parents and educators with vital insights, enabling them to offer targeted support, ensuring every child of determination has a chance to thrive in life.

The duration of the Child's Diagnostic Assessment at Adaptive Choice isn't standard. It's a flexible process, and several factors influence its length. Generally, this detailed check-up spans around 3-4 hours. However, the child's age, specific areas under review, and any particular concerns or questions from the parents can adjust this timeframe. One of our core values is transparency, so we always communicate with parents beforehand, providing them with a realistic estimate. This way, they can plan their day around it properly.

Dubai is a multicultural city. While our primary language for assessments at Adaptive Choice is English, we're dedicated to serving our diverse community. If your family has a preference for a second language alongside English, we're equipped to facilitate bilingual assessments. When you're scheduling your child's assessment, it's essential to let us know your preferred language. We aim to make the process comfortable and clear for both you and your child.

The frequency of reassessments is tailored to each child's unique situation and growth. While a general guideline suggests a review every 2-3 years, individual circumstances might call for different timings. Changes in a child's behavior, noticeable shifts in their school performance, or significant life events, such as moving homes, could be reasons to consider an earlier reassessment. Whenever you're unsure, please reach out to expert help. Our experienced team at Adaptive Choice is here to guide you and recommend the best timeline for your child's diagnostic assessments. 

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Questions or thoughts? Reach out to Adaptive Choice. We're here to help, listen, and guide you every step of the way.

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