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Educational Support For Children

Unlocking Abilities: Comprehensive Educational Support for Children of Determination

Did You Know?

Approximately 14% of all school-age children may require specialized educational support due to varying learning needs. At Adaptive Choice, we are dedicated to giving these children groups the best support to overcome obstacles and succeed academically and individually as a person.

Our Service

As a center dedicated to empowering children of determination in Dubai, we continuously design and implement tested and evidence-based programs to assess and address the distinctive challenges faced by this group. As part of this initiative, we have services specializing in providing learning support, special educational needs, and shadow teaching.

We do this through successful collaborations with schools and other relevant entities, ensuring every child receives tailored support for a fulfilling and sustainable learning journey, both academically and personally.

Here is a breakdown of what we offer through this partnership:

Our Learning Support Assistance service focuses on collaboratively working with teachers to offer tailored support for children, enhancing their learning experiences. We assess individual needs and learning styles, developing and implementing strategies to facilitate optimal learning. Our goal is to enable every child to overcome learning barriers, empowering them to achieve academic success and develop essential life skills. We also provide resources and training for educators to foster inclusive and supportive learning environments for all students.

Addressing special educational needs, we provide specialized support for children facing various learning difficulties and developmental disorders. We design and implement Individualized education plans, offering interventions and modifications to meet each child’s unique needs. By collaborating with schools and parents, we ensure a holistic approach to addressing the challenges, fostering an environment where children of determination can thrive academically and socially and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and personal development.

Our shadow teaching service features assigning experienced educators to work one-on-one with children with additional learning needs, ensuring they receive support and accommodations within mainstream education settings. These professionals work closely with the child, adapting teaching methods and materials to suit their learning style, fostering understanding, and promoting independence. The objective is to facilitate the child’s inclusion and active participation in the learning environment while addressing their specific learning needs and enhancing their academic and social skills.

Why Us

Our services are grounded in expert knowledge and a commitment to excellence, ensuring high-quality, impactful support that is tailored to each child's unique needs

We provide an all-encompassing range of services to address diverse learning needs, offering a holistic approach to educational support, learning, and child development.

Our individualized strategies are developed with a deep understanding of each child’s needs, guaranteeing personalized, effective interventions that foster learning and growth.

We remain steadfast in offering services that are not only results-driven but also cost-effective, extending our reach to assist more families and institutions.

Our services are designed to be user-friendly and readily available, ensuring seamless access to specialized support whenever it is needed.

Our Approach

Holistic Development Focus

Our services are rooted in a holistic understanding of each child's developmental needs, addressing not just academic but also emotional and social learning components. This holistic perspective is pivotal for creating learning support strategies that nurture well- rounded development, fostering resilience and adaptive skills in every child

Inclusive Learning Environment

We cultivate learning spaces where every child, regardless of their learning needs, feels included, valued, and supported. Our commitment to inclusivity empowers children of determination to interact and learn in a positive environment, enhancing their confidence and social skills while ensuring individualized attention.

Strategic Shadow Teaching

Our approach to shadow teaching is strategic, focusing on providing individualized support that complements the child's learning pace and style. This method helps in identifying and addressing learning gaps effectively, allowing children to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum while promoting independent learning and self-reliance.

Ongoing Progress Monitoring

We uphold a commitment to continual assessment and monitoring of each child's progress. Regular feedback and adaptive modifications to our support strategies ensure that the learning process remains dynamic and responsive to the child's evolving needs, facilitating sustained improvement and lasting success.

Advocacy and Empowerment

We actively advocate for the rights and needs of children requiring additional educational support and empower them by fostering an environment conducive to learning and personal development. This also includes ensuring privacy, one-on-one transparent programs, and open communication with parents or guardians to promote comprehensive support

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